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in Real-Time

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About Us

Using Satellites to Detect Wildfires from Space.

5 metres diameter on Earth’s nightside. 10 metres diameter on Earth’s dayside.

With a constellation of 16 satellites, we can detect wildfires as small as 5 to 10 metres in diameter, and transmit early detection alerts to your team on the ground in real-time.

A Paradigm Shift from Wildfire Suppression to Early Wildfire Detection

Embracing space as an asset
to manage wildfires.

Led by a Proven, Passionate, and Experienced Team

We are in the business of detecting and eradicating catastrophic wildfires globally.

Our team consists of visionaries, strategists, and engineers, with extensive success in space technology programs that span decades.

We Predict up to 30% Reduction of Catastrophic Wildfires with a Single Satellite

In Canada alone, a single satellite can save up to 170,000 hectares of trees each year (roughly an area the same size as Greece).

Our Technology

A Universal Solution to a Global Problem.

Leveraging space to reduce wildfire suppression costs, scale down insurance rates, protect the environment, and save lives.

Wildfires cost governments, insurance companies, and industrial operations billions of dollars in damages each year, affecting the economy, the environment, and individual livelihoods on a global scale. By using satellites and space technology to detect potentially catastrophic wildfires earlier, we prevent property loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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