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  • How do your satellites detect wildfires smaller than existing detection solutions?

    Current satellite technologies can detect fires 150m+ in size a few times a week. Unfortunately, by this point a fire is considered out-of-control, immediate suppression activities are required, and any time delay is costly. Our novel solution offers unparalleled resolution to detect fires in real-time 24/7, 365 days a year, spot fires as small as 5m in diameter, and geolocate them within 10m accuracy.

  • How are your satellites able to scan the Earth every 4 to 6 hours?

    The beauty of our solution is that it is a global one. A satellite orbits around the Earth as the Earth rotates below it (similar to how an aircraft flies around the globe). The satellite continuously scans the ground as the Earth passes below its field of view. A series of satellites are called a constellation and our early wildfire detection constellation is made up of 16 satellites. Physics allows us to cover the Earth every 4 hours at higher latitudes and 6 hours at equatorial latitudes. And, the more satellites we add to the constellation, the faster we can re-scan the same spot on Earth. We take pride in environmental stewardship and believe that extends out to Low Earth Orbit (up to 1500 km above Earth). Thus, we plan to launch enough satellites to sufficiently service and address our customers’ needs. 4pi proudly supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Who would benefit from receiving this data?

    Wildfire Management and Forestry Agencies who plan, monitor and deploy resources to affected areas within their jurisdiction, Utility and Industrial Operators that leverage data to de-risk threats to their significant revenue-generating investments, as well as players in Risk Markets who seek novel loss reduction strategies.

  • Who receives the alerts?

    Customers subscribed to levels within our tiered service offerings.

  • When will this solution be operational?

    Our 1st satellite launch is targeted for 2023.

  • What else can we use this satellite technology solution for?

    In addition to early wildfire detection, applications include: search & rescue capabilities, agriculture & territorial change detection, as well as ocean monitoring.

  • Do investment opportunities still exist?

    Yes. Get in touch today at

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