Using Space-Based
Technology to Detect
Wildfires Earlier.

Giving your team more time
to take data-driven decisive action.

Our Solution

  • A Constellation of 16 Satellites
  • Sending Alerts in Real-Time
  • Orbiting at 600 km Above Earth
  • Providing Global Coverage every 4 to 6 Hours

anywhere on Earth

How it Works

1. We work with the natural biophysics of a wildfire.
Using patent-pending high-performance cameras, we can identify wildfires that are as small as 5 to 10 metres in diameter.

2. We identify where that wildfire is located anywhere on Earth.
Our precision geo-location targeting can locate wildfires within 10 metres of accuracy.

3. We send wildfire alerts in real-time.

Our real-time transmission allows sufficient time to take data-driven decisive action.

we detect wildfires

Prevent Small Wildfires from becoming Potentially Catastrophic Wildfires

Earlier detection.
Faster response.

When we detect wildfires that are as small as 5 to 10 metres diameter in size, you get more time to make an informed decision. In situations where a wildfire could threaten nearby towns, infrastructures, or industrial operations, you can begin to actively suppress a potentially catastrophic wildfire up to, on average, 2 hours earlier.

Predicted Annual Savings from a Single Satellite to Canadian Wildfires

  • 30% Reduction in Catastrophic Wildfires
  • 70,000 Hectares of Trees Saved*
  • $7.4 Million in Re-Forestation Costs Saved*
  • 12 Million Tonnes of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Saved*

* Predictions based on a 30% reduction of the annual average catastrophic wildfires across Canada.

How to Get Started

Begin the discussion about how you can include our early wildfire detection technology into your wildfire management approach.