Space Technology
Experts Committed
to Climate Change

Developing unique remote sensing technology
to detect, monitor, and respond to wildfires
and their emissions.

A Proven
Track Record

From envisioning to executing, our team
has successfully designed, engineered, and managed
decades of space technology projects.

Our Vision

To positively impact the lives of billions of people around the world.

Our Mission

To provide unique early wildfire detection and monitoring capabilities, using low-cost and high-performance space satellites for real-time global coverage.

Our Leadership Team

Stephen Achal

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Strategy Officer

As the visionary, inventor, and leader at 4pi Lab and its early wildfire detection satellite technology, Stephen Achal brings over 30 years of experience bringing state-of-the-art spaceborne and airborne remote sensing systems to commercial success. With a Master of Science in Astrophysics, Stephen has invented, developed, and patented several of the leading wildfire mapping instrumentation and technology that is widely used today.

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Tahir Merali

Chief Operating Officer

Recognized across industries for excellence and leadership, Tahir Merali brings significant project management, strategy, and engineering experience in the aerospace and energy industries, across Fortune 500 companies and government space agencies. With a Master of Science in Space Management, Tahir’s contributions to past projects include the Canadarm3 and the International Space Station, in addition to several space exploration research ventures.

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Victor Taylor

Chief Technology Officer

Specializing in machine learning, image processing, computer vision, and many other remote sensing and imaging systems, Victor Taylor brings over 30 years of experience in engineering management, across both public and private sectors. With a Doctor of Philosophy in Data Science, Victor has completed several mapping and communications technologies, including Global Rain & Boreal Forest Mapping and Synthetic Aperture Radar projects.

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Zach Jacobs

Chief Business Development Officer

As an accomplished international and regional stakeholder engagement professional, Zach Jacobs brings over 15 years of business development experience, specializing in industrial remote sensing instrumentation and technology. With a Bachelor of Science in Geology, Zach understands the importance of early wildfire detection to industrial resource-based sectors, and has worked closely with government agencies and other key stakeholders to advance technology forward.

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With the launch of our first satellite set for 2023, we can help your organization leverage our early wildfire detection technology.